The Beauty & Grace Quilt

Today as I started to write a post in search of book lovers in Philadelphia and San Diego who are interested in gathering for a Beauty & Grace Presentation, it struck me how lucky I have been with this book.

B&G TY's 1.jpg

Since launching Beauty & Grace, I have enjoyed the support and hospitality of people throughout Western New York as well as in Indianpolis, the Greater Porlland Oregon area, Winter Garden, Oakland and St. Augustine Florida, Denver, Colorado and, come this October, Deadwood, South Dakota.

Some of these people I have known, while others have been complete strangers willing to take a chance on me and my book.

B&G Presentation Sponsors #2 .jpg

These photographs represent those who have been an integral part of the Beauty & Grace journey to date. Their support has been humbling. It's also been thrilling and inspires me to keep reaching out and adding to this amazing quilt of women and men.

To those pictured and those yet to come, thank you. from the depth of my heart and soul.

B&G Presentation Sponsors #3 jpg.jpg