Christina's Books:  Beauty & Grace

Beauty & Grace is an intensely moving work of historical fiction telling the stories of Teagan Cormick and Grace Reid, women from different worlds and different eras, brought together within the haunting confines of Midland’s Wood Haven asylum.

Teagan leads readers through her early life in Queenstown, County Cork, through to her youthful immigration to America and her chilling, involuntary commitment to Wood Haven following The Crash of 1929.

Grace arrives at Wood Haven in 1978, hired as a consultant to deinstitutionalize the ten remaining patients trapped for decades within the asylum walls and to deal with Midland citizens determined to prevent “asylum people” from moving into their community.

Together, Teagan and Grace lead Wood Haven patients from the dark past into new lives, in the process telling stories and sharing memories that form a lasting imprint in reader’s hearts.

Beauty & Grace will be available for purchase from most major retailers on 6.18.18.  You can preorder the book and get your tickets for the launch event by clicking the button below.

Rave Reviews For Beauty & Grace

“I am especially struck by the sensitivity with which each character and their experiences are presented. Teagan, of course, is extraordinary.  She has a strength that seems rooted in her homeland and she never loses that connection.” - Marion S. 

“Beauty & Grace made me set time aside for myself and wander off into another world. The characters are unique and stand out on their own and their stories stay with me even after the chapter is over.” - Jocelyn B.

“Reading Beauty & Grace is a very atmospheric. Vivid enough to place me there.  The asylum is actually a character as much as anyone else in the book, looming in the background as it appears on the front cover.”- Daniel