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Two of Christina’s essays were chosen for this inaugural edition of the Heartwarmer’s book series.  Both stories, “Just Wanted to Talk” and “Gino’s Haircut”, deal with the loss of loved ones and her life routines that were  impacted in ways that Christina never imagined.


Rave Reviews For Heartwarmers

"I received this book the day after it’s release. I can’t even begin to tell you how many tears I have shed reading this book. The tears being good ones. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that are still people out there that are so kind, and wonderful. I am sure that some of them do not even realize the impact that they have in people’s lives with the words that they write. I have purchased several more copies of this book, and all of my co workers have each brought a book. If you do not subscribe to HEARTWARMERS, I urge you to, it is guaranteed to change your life forever. In my eyes there are not enough stars to rate this wonderful book. Thank you to all the writers for all the wonderful work that you do." - Susie
"True to its title, HEARTWARMERS is an inspirational and heartwarming little gem. A great book to give as gifts for all occasions, and a great book to read yourself! Get yourself a steaming cup of hot cocoa, snuggle under some toasty quilts, and warm your heart with this precious collection of soul-stirring tales. I highly recommend it." - Mmandelbaum

Heartwarmers Of Love

A dream wedding complete with a Prince Charming.  And yet, while taking lessons for the “first dance” Christina learned a life lesson that taught her a whole new rhythm of life.


Rave Reviews For Heartwarmers Of Love

"Stories shared in this little book have far reaching impression on the heart and soul of the reader. Heartwarming is almost not descriptive enough for the stories in this little volume.  A large gift in a small package at a small price I say." - Barb
“Heartwarmers of Love will take you on a journey of 'feel-goods' and 'smiles.' What a wonderful way to spend an evening." - Roger

Heartwarmers Of Spirit

In this final of the Heartwarmer’s series of inspirational books, Christina’s featured essay, “The Housecleaning,” perfectly details the emotional turmoil that an adult child experiences when clearing out a parent’s home, one last time.


Rave Reviews For Heartwarmers Of Spirit

"Excellent stories that give hope to one’s life. I wrote a story that is included in this book, but all the stories are full of inspiration and the joy of overcoming tribulations that will occur many times without warning." - Donna
"This book is full of short stories to lift your spirit. Well worth picking up to read if you come across it." Goodreads Reader

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