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Chicken Soup For The Soul Of America

On the morning of 9/11/2002, Christina was writing away in her home office, luxuriating in the morning sunshine, happy in the security of her world.  However at 8:47 am, life as Christina and the entire world knew it was forever changed. Her essay titled, “Why Are You Waiting?” was chosen for inclusion in this extraordinary Chicken Soup Collection dedicated to the Soul of America.


Rave Reviews For Chicken Soup For The Soul Of America

"Ironically I finished reading this book on the 9th anniversary of the events of September 11, on which the stories writen in the book were about. From the heart of the people who witnessed what happened the stores go from feelings of people when they heard the news, to reactions, to America responding, the world responding, what is next and reflections. What was the response of people? To want to help in any way they could, to mourn those that died, but to show that America would stand strong, and would recover and fight back, not letting terrorism win. These stores are written by the average person, compiled together to show that yes America was struck by a great tragedy, but that it would survive." - Martha
"I laughed, cried and marveled as I read this book. I loved being able to read first-hand accounts of 9-11-01 from everyday citizens of NY. As an emergency worker, I can say that this book worked wonders for me in dealing with all of the traumatic emotions from that day. I plan to give many copies of this book to other emergency workers for Christmas. I hope another book with more stories in it comes out soon." - Krissy

Chicken Soup For The Romantic Soul

Romance comes in all shapes and forms and in this essay by Christina, titled, “A Friend’s Secret”, the definition of the word is found in drawers, cabinets and even tucked in a lunch bag.


Rave Reviews For Chicken Soup For The Romantic Soul

"I enjoyed this book very much. Some of the stories were heartwarming, some made me laughed out loud, and some even got me mixed feelings. It felt like reading fiction because the stories were so good but those were real! You see, love is amazing and wondrous." - Mer  

"Sweet sweet romantic book. It is sweet, sad, funny, wise and full of lessons in love. It includes stories of all ages that would truly touch your heart and soul. Love it. :))" - Karissa

Chicken Soup To Inspire A Woman's Soul

Have you ever found yourself unexpectedly caught off guard by the emotion of a moment?  Christina shares just such a moment in her essay, “Life Lessons Well Learned”, when while speaking at a high school career day she received as much as she gave.


Rave Reviews For Chicken Soup To Inspire A Woman's Soul

"This book, Chicken Soul to Inspire a Woman’s Soul is geared towards women at midlife…but it truly is a great read, it consists of inspiring true stories for women of all ages. All the authors in this book are shining examples to all that read it. Afterwards, you’ll want to reach for the stars — I felt revitalized — I have a new lease on life…goals…my dreams will be fulfilled." - Georgia
"This book is full of inspirations and values that can transform life. Attitudes always do matter and here’s a book to recommend every women – this means, parents of younger kids too as the chapters cover very useful messages in overcoming obstacles, friendship, parenting and across generations. Life is ever a twist and  turn, but books like these always stand by in our thick and thin. A good pick. Enjoy!" - Elaxi

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