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Christina has penned a collection of stories about 14 Western New York women and their wisdom as it relates to food and nourishment. Learn life and kitchen secrets from 14 amazing women, including the creator of Buffalo’s Original Chicken Wings, the originator of the Subway low-fat brownie, the Broadway Market’s Butter Lamb Lady, a food research and development scientist and a certified nutritional counselor. 


Rave Reviews For Chicken Wing Wisdom

"Chicken Wing Wisdom: Western New York Stories of Family, Life and Food is much more than a cookbook – it collects a wealth of true-life stories of family mealtime camaraderie (or discord)! A handful of black-and-white photographs illustrate the timeless slice-of-life moments that make for wonderful leisure reading, especially while waiting for treats like Lisabeth’s Healthy Birthday Cake or Sr. Mary Johnice’s Cheese Souffle to cook! Profiles of individual recipe creators, often mothers whose creations grew out of love for their families and friends, enhance this superior collection of taste-tested dishes. “If I could, I would have only round tables… everywhere that people eat together. For when you bring people together at a round table, – the food, the conversation, the love – everything flows around the table with no end.” - Midwest Book Review
"CWW is a great read whether you like food, Buffalo or stories about inspiring women from all walks of life who have made a difference in their lives, their families lives, and their communities through food. And if you have ever heard of butter lambs it is MUST read! Great for a Sunday afternoon or to keep with you for when you have that extra few minutes to wait at the doctors office or on your lunch hour the biographical tales inspire. Enjoy!" - Lisa

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