Storytelling Validation From Down Under

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This morning as I fired up my laptop and checked emails, I discovered a correspondence sent by a gentleman named, Gavin, from Sydney Australia. He identified himself as a professional in the field of spinal implants.

One of the most famous physicians and a pioneer in the spinal implant/surgery field is an American named, Arthur Steffee. During my year-long, 64 and More Interview Project, I traveled to Foxburg, PA to interview Dr. Steffee.

At the time he was unknown to me. We only connected through a third-person introduction by a woman I met while walking down the streets of the neighboring town of Oil City, Pa. And that was the adventure of 64 and More!

Anyway, Gavin also traveled to Foxburg to try and interview Dr. Steffee, to no avail. He did however enjoy the opportunity to chat with the accomplished physician and greatly valued that experience. It also inspired him to continue to learn more about the American physician when he returned home.

Recently while googling Dr. Steffee, Gavin came across my 64 and More interview series with the renown surgeon. That led him to scan through the 52 weeks of my interview series posted on my Youtube Channel which, in turn, compelled him to reach out to me.

It's been three years since I blindly purchased a video camera and, with no technical experience or know how, set off to interview people across America whose life experiences could provide us all with valuable life wisdoms.

It was a life-changing project that taught me as much about myself as others. Yet I will admit, there are days when I wonder if my work ever really made a difference to anyone else.

Thanks to my new friend from halfway around the world, I now know that answer. Thanks, Gavin. You just helped validate the work that was my storyteller's life dream.

"I really just want to acknowldege you and your incredible work - absolutley amazing!! A HUGE well done, an extraordinary effort, and inspiring work for us all to enjoy."