Deeply and Properly Kissed

Novelist, John Cheever

Novelist, John Cheever

During my Beaty & Grace Presentations , I am often asked about writing——how to go beyond dreaming of authoring a book and actually getting it done.

While I have a short list of writing tips that I gladly share, I always finish by explaining that writing and publishing are only half of an author’s journey.

When the inevitable question of “why” is asked, I state the following:

“As novelist, John Cheever once said, ‘Authors can’t write without a reader. It’s precisely like a kiss—you can’t do it alone.’ ”

Whether an independent or contracted author, I believe attracting readers is one of the toughest parts of the publishing industry. It’s also an area in which I am blessed with success, as a result of hard work and an innate ability.

My dedication to writing has resulted in a collection of four books that creates a level of interest among readers. It’s as if if my expanded body of work equates to an accomplished ability. Practically, it allows readers a varied selection, which can encourage them to purchase one or more books to detemine if I’m “their type” of author.

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Additionally, I am a passionate storyteller with an Irish gift of gab. It’s a combination that makes speaking to groups and engaging with individuals second nature to me.

As much as I become deeoply immersed in creating my books, I live for speaking to a room filled with readers and sharing the story-behind-the-story of what I’ve have written. It’s a process that feeds my author's soul and inspires me to begin again on new literary journeys.

Recently, after a particularly meaningful Beauty & Grace Presentation, a friend asked how I manage to keep audiences attentive for hours on end, without notes or knowledge of what people are going to share or ask of me.

It was a question I’d never before considered. Yet an answer immediately came to mind as I replied, “ I have no idea.”

Since then, I have given more thought to my friend’s question and ultimately decided, I don’t want to know the answer.

It’s enough that each time I join with an audience of book lovers, it’s as if we enter into a sacred space where our imaginations become engaged and our souls connected through characters and words created from the very fibre of my being.

And that, experience, as I believe Mr. Cheever would agree, comes pretty darn close to being deeply and properly kissed.

 “It was so lovely to be with you Christina. Beauty & Grace is such a compassionate and compelling story. And your story behind the story—-wow!”---Mary Jo

“What a magical night and our amazing discussion!! You are an outstanding storyteller!”---Eileen

“It was a great afternoon and your presentation about how you came to write and research this wonderful book just added to my love of Teagan and Grace's stories!”—-Janelle