The Beauty & Grace Colorado Journey

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My March Beauty & Grace Presentations in Denver are turning in to remarkable reunion with people from many parts of my past.

My first presentation is with a Denver book club of a woman that I met once, in 1976. She was the girlfriend of a college buddy of my then-husband. We spent a weekend together playing, cards, listening to music and sharing meals around the table. It was special and memorable, but we never again spoke--- until this week when we reconnected via email, through a wonderfully serendipitous series of events.


My next Denver presentation is with a group organized by a woman I have never met in person. We have only corresponded through Facebook. We connected somewhere around 2011 through her fun and funny FB coverage of The Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show, an event at which I had exhibited between 1986 and 1994. Over the years we expanded our conversations outside the world of Morgan Horses and shows, gradually evolving into a virtual friendship. Now, at last, we are going to meet.

Crowe Day at CH.jpg

My third presentation is one that touches my heart whenever I imagine it. It is with members of the Crowe Family, who once owned the Crown Hill Farm that so strongly defined my life and inspired my writing career. A Crowe granddaughter is hosting this presentation and I look forward to reconnecting with this special group with whom I gladly shared, "our home."

Interesting how this book is leading me on a journey more than 1,500 miles from the place I call home, yet connecting me with people who have long been a part of the fabric of my life.