Ten Years Later Love Still Knows No Boundaries

3407 crash.jpg

Ten years. 
A decade of time passed, yet still seared with images immediate and razor-sharp.

Fifty one people were lost in that night of fuselage and flames, but from the ashes came unity.

Unity among the families of those who died. Men, women and children connected through unimaginable sorrow, bonding them forever as warriors, determined to never again allow government and corporations to value dollars over human lives.

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Unity among a community of government officials, business owners, religious leaders, first responders, school administrators, not for profits, media outlets, families and individuals that gave of their time and talents, and most essentially their hearts, over endless days that led to weeks and months....and for some, years.

Unity throughout the Town of Clarence, who through the recovery process healed the wounds of a destroyed property in the heart of their village by creating a refuge of tranquility and natural beauty— a place to remember and reflect for all to share.

Unity among a group of singers, songwriters, musicians, business owners, graphic designers and a videographer, all of whom who came together in the spirit of love….love that knew no boundaries when it came to their collective desire to do something to somehow help and heal a community hemorrhaging in shared pain and loss.

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Ten years. 
Life has gone on and changed---for the Flight 3407 families, for our community, for the Town of Clarence and for the group who came together to create the music and words of Love Knows No Boundaries. We are united in our memories, sharing the burden of that cold and icy February night. Remembering, honoring, finding ways to continue.

"Our hearts bound together. We will never forget."

To watch the Love Knows No Boundaries Video click on the link. https://youtu.be/LYrZelG4-rc