Fourteen Days to The 2019 South Dakota Festival of Books---Day one:

While I may not be the most organized individual, there is one part of my life in which I plan and prepare---my clothing.

Dad natty young man.jpg

I'm pretty sure this is a genetic thing as my dad was a great clothes/outfit planner. Even when he was working at the Pratt and Letchworth Steel Foundry, every night before he went to bed he planned what he was going to wear the next day and laid it out on the window seat for morning.

I however have elevated my father's what-to-wear planning to new levels---moving beyond my closet to the aisles of @T.J. Maxx Stores across America (whenever I am on a road trip, I stalk them) and specialty shops like Lexi B's Boutique in North Carolina where my son lives and The Dress Shop in my hometown of East Aurora.

There I roam the aisles, pick through the racks and plan outfits for occassions that aren't even on my radar. It's heaven.

I've done this clothes planning for years, beginning when I was a young mom with few dollars and a strong fashion sense. I always aimed for quality clothing, unique footwear and classy accessories, all at sale prices that I could afford.

As a result of my shopping spree standards and some great family genetics, my closet is filled with clothes, shoes and accessories that I purchased as long as 30 years ago and still wear.


With two weeks to go until the 2019 South Dakota Festival of Books, there are a list of details to address. At the top of that list ....clothes planning for the 12-day trip.

Usually when I travel for author events, I pack mix-and-match outfits to conserve space and limit luggage. Not for South Dakota.I'm bringing the big guns! Lots of outfits with fun accessories and matching shoes.

I started my clothes planning this morning with the footwear. Researching the weather, typography and culture of the Mt. Rushmore State, I determined that boots would be
the most sensible and fashionable go-to. So I pulled out my favorite boots and lined 'em up. And my clothes planning heart did a little flutter.

It was the start of a very good day!