Behind the Scenes of an Indie Author's World

I love meeting readers and telling the stories of my books but as an Indie Author, there is so much more that goes in to scheduling, promoting and executing those presentations and signings.

There are hours spent writing website blogs and social media posts, editing images to capture the essence of my author/reader experiences, answering emails from readers and for book orders, packaging books and mailing them, keeping track of my four-book inventory and ordering more as I need them.

Then there's creating support promotional items such as bookmarks and flyers, researching bookstores and book groups that might be interested in scheduling one of my presentations/signings, figuring out unique ways to engage those stores and groups, keeping my roller suitcase filled with copies of all four books, a cash box of money to make change, credit card swipers and lots of pens for signing and.... ultimately.....tracking all of my presentations/signings and making sure I don't miss even one (thank goodness that hasn't happened---YET!)

Oh, and did I mention, carving out the time to write a book or two?!

The latest of my Indie author tasks is something I have wanted to do for years, but never felt that it was a wise investment. However, after receiving an invitation from The South Dakota Humanities Council Book Festival to present and exhibit my work, I finally took the leap. I ordered a promotional author banner to include in my display at book festivals and fairs.

Thank you Adrienne Carr Sparks and Holly L. Soderstrom Lorincz for your feedback and advice on my banner layout and design. And special thanks to Kayleigh Schaefer at On The Mark Signs for your time and talents in creating this banner that looks great and doesn't make me feel too uncomfortable being pictured at the top of a 7-foot display!

Banner Design Green and White Text. final.jpg