A South Dakota Festival of Books Memento

October 6, 2019

It’s Sunday. The final day of the 2019 South Dakota Festival of Books. Many of the authors here are from the area. They arrived on Wednesday and will return back to their everyday lives later today.

SDFB Crowd.jpg

As for me, I’ve been in South Dakota for ten fun-filled and adventurous days. It’s been an amazing, life-changing experience, but I’m ready to go home. Tomorrow morning, bright and early I'll be on my way—-back to my family, to new writing projects that await and to my own bed.

Yesterday’s festival was another tremendous opportunity to meet readers and sell my books. I spent most of the day at my author’s table chatting with those attending the festival.

Some wanted to share the book they are trying to write. Some wanted writing and publishing advice and are now going to send me their manuscript or rough draft.

The majority were interested in my work and when our conversations came to an end, I was continually thrilled and honored when they purchased one or more of my books.

I also donated some books—-one to the South Dakota State Library three to the South Dakota Women’s Prison. It’s one of my true pleasures to share my books with those who might not otherwise be able to read them.

Signed Poster.700.jpg

Between the chatting and selling, I managed to attend two presentations by other authors (both about women’s sufferage efforts in South Dakota) and lead my own Beauty & Grace presentation before a wonderful audience of appreciative fans.

And I made time to wander through the exhibition hall for a project I’d planned as a festival memento.

I took a book festival poster and flipped it on to the white side and approached my fellow authors and asked for their autographs. While I wasn’t able to get to all 64 of the invited writers, those who did sign, filled my poster perfectly with signatures from basic to artistic.

My plan is to take this poster and frame it alongside the printed side of another.

Then, when I get home, I’m going to hang this South Dakota Festival of Books memento front-and-center in my office and use it as a reminder of what I have achieved in my author’s career in getting here….and all the places I have yet to go.