Christina's Books:  Heart & Soul

Growing up, Christina was always sharing personal stories, even when her family wished otherwise! From those early storytelling days Christina moved on to writing high school essays about her teenage experiences, followed by occasional newspaper columns on her life as a young mother.

In 1995, Christina was given the chance to advance her storytelling talents as an Op-Ed newspaper columnist. Her first assignment was to come up with a name for her column. After some sleepless nights and a few thought-filled days, Christina decided on the title, “Heart and Soul”.

For fifteen years, Christina wrote columns and broadcast radio commentaries in her unique Heart and Soul style. Early on, she wrote about the things she knew best—family, love, home and holidays. Over time, she expanded her writer’s view to include the life spectrums of parenting, sports and careers, eventually evolving onto more broad-based topics of community, politics and women’s issues.

This book is a collection of those Heart and Soul essays, all of which inspired, amused and stirred her followers over the years. They were chosen by Christina with the hope that, as always, her words would reach directly into each reader’s heart and soul.

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